UAVs – Let it fly

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Civil Aviation Ministry is planning to launch the ‘drone policy’ stating the civil aviation requirements to give fillip to the industry which has seen huge growth in the recent past but possess more potential for growth which is presently dogged by hazy laws and policy paranoia. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) – the future – Drones are actually military inventions which later became popular in civilian sectors such as construction, mining, agriculture, media, policing and insurance to propel growth and innovation in these sectors. Start-up activity in civilian drones has already picked up in Rs 2.000 crores plus drone market of [...]

Role of Odissa in Bay of Bengal | IDSA Summary

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The Act East Policy and the intent to develop overland communication linkages through the North-Eastern States for enabling the seamless movement of goods and people between the South and South East Asian regions is a strategic necessity for India. Enhanced Indian interaction with South-East Asian countries may transform Northeast India economically and also moderate Indian concerns about China’s influence in that region. Importance of Bay of Bengal - An important area of the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, which is enclosed from three sides by the territories of India, Bangladesh and Myanmar has not escaped Chinese attention. India must wake [...]

India’s Energy Security | All India Radio Debate Summary

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India's Energy Security scenario debate was held on All India Radio Spotlight. Detailed Summary and important points from the debate. For sustained growth of economy and human development in a society, smooth and uninterrupted flow of energy is must. It is what India wants in its quest for energy security. India’s energy basket - To feed the engines of growth and uplift millions of its people from poverty, India has structured a mixed energy basket comprising hydrocarbon, coal, wind, solar, nuclear and hydroelectric. Coal constitutes more than 56 percent of the total energy basket, while oil and gas account for 36.5 [...]

Corruption- An Internal Security Threat

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Introduction – It is the common understanding that corruption in its many forms is the top most internal security threat. Corruption is akin to cancer and weakens a nation from within. Thus, in its external dimension, the nation loses its power. Some argue that even though corruption must be addressed as a non-traditional security issue, it is in fact a traditional security issue. Why corruption is not treated as a security threat? One reason for academics and policy pundits to ignore corruption as a security issue is due to a conceptual trap. It is declared that corruption is not part of [...]

A solution for oil price rise | Business Standard

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Introduction - The price of the Indian basket of crude oil has gone up to $55 a barrel, almost 96 per cent higher than $28 a barrel in January 2016. The retail prices of petrol and diesel, which have been linked to the markets, have also been rising, though by smaller margins of 18 per cent and 33 per cent, respectively, in the same period. What is the concern? Consumers are fretting about is that the price of the Indian basket of crude oil ruled at $107 a barrel in May 2014 and is today almost half of that level. So [...]

Tackling challenges to National Security | VIF India

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Introduction - National security needs a structured and professional approach and cannot be left to the bureaucracy at the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and part time political heads. Issues existing at national security system - India has not put in place a functional Higher Defence Organisation (HDO) that can deal with issues of national security in a structured manner. Thus voids exist in policy formations related to national security, capability building, defence reforms, defence planning process and robust border defence. There is no military advisor integral to Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), NSC, and even National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS). As a [...]

Defence Agreements With Russia

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Details of Defence Agreements signed with Russia over the past five years is as under Defence Agreements for training of Indian armed forces personnel in the military educational establishments of the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation. (Date of signing 11.12.2014). Agreement between the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of India and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on cooperation in Aircraft flight safety. (Date of signing 21.01.2015). Agreement between the Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the Russian Federation on cooperation in the field of Helicopter Engineering. (Date of signing 24.12.2015). Agreement between [...]

Doklam Standoff – India China Border

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Doklam Standoff near Bhutan between India and China is becoming a major concern, near the Chumbi Valley at the corner of India-China-Bhutan tri-junction. This month long border Doklam Standoff has become the longest ever between the two nations. This is also the first time when Indian troops have confronted the People’s Liberation Army of China on the soil of a third country i.e. Bhutan. There are two reasons for this standoff – India has a long standing commitment to Bhutan’s defence and serves as a virtual security guarantor to Bhutan through the 2007 friendship treaty. Secondly, the Doklam sector is critical [...]

Kashmir Terrorism – The Last Gasp or Not

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The increase in Kashmir Terrorism and violence levels on the streets and participation of the local population became a cause for worry in 2016. The peace dividend achieved at great cost only a couple of years earlier seemed to be losing out to the mindlessness of violent mobs. Kashmir Terrorism | Troubled waters There was an enhanced local recruitment, especially within the ranks of the Hizb-ulMujahideen (HM). A larger proportion of the new recruits came from South Kashmir, unlike in the past when North Kashmir was the hub of violence and terrorism. The security forces were routinely the target of stone [...]

Malabar Exercise 2017

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Naval co-operation between India, US and Japan epitomises the strong and resilient relationship between the three democracies. The Malabar Exercise series, initiated in 1992 between the Indian and US Navies, have steadily grown in scope, complexity and participation into a multifaceted exercise with the participation of Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF). Details of Malabar Exercise 2017 The 21st edition of the exercise, MALABAR-17 will be conducted in the Bay of Bengal from 10 to 17 July 2017. The primary aim of this exercise is to increase interoperability amongst the three navies as well as develop common understanding and procedures for maritime [...]

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