Self-Reliance in Defence Production

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Defence Production Policy, 2018 has set ambitious goals for the year 2025 which includes around Rs 1,70,000 crores worth of defence production, Rs 35,000 crores of defence exports and an investment to the tune of Rs 70,000 crores, thereby, creating more than three million jobs domestically and achieving global leadership in cyberspace technology and artificial intelligence. Actions by government  It has identified over 13 product categories and permitted 74 percent FDI in ‘niche’ technologies. The government also plans to develop two defense production corridors (including private sector units) and the establishment of defense innovation hubs. Challenges  It is the manufacturers, not [...]

Economics of State Budgets

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Collectively speaking, the state governments spend much more than the Union Government each year but state budgets do not attract the much-required attention that they generally deserve by the financial analysts. If there is any analysis of state budgets, it is merely an academic exercise by the financial market analysts as the bond market investors can neither reward nor punish the states for their imprudence. The issue  At the aggregate level, the financial implications of state budgets have wider connotations. In this context, the annual study of state government finances by the RBI becomes significant. The latest edition shows that the [...]

Digitising Land Records

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A modern market economy necessitates a strong system of property rights as per Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto. India lacks badly on this front where land titles are presumptive rather than conclusive. Details  According to some estimates, nearly two-thirds of all pending cases in our courts are related to property disputes. NITI Aayog has accepted that it takes an average of 20 years to settle property cases in India which results into millions of Indians failing to use their principal asset as collateral to borrow from the formal financial channels of the country. Response of Government  Union Government is trying to [...]

Restriction on ‘Oxytocin’

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Ministry of Health has decided to restrict the manufacture of oxytocin only to the public sector unit (Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Ltd) raising fears of shortages and disruption of supplies of the drug. What is Oxytocin? It is released by the pituitary gland which causes increased contraction of the uterus during labor and stimulates the ejection of milk into the ducts of breasts. Therefore, it is considered to be a critical drug in maternal healthcare. Why the restriction? The restriction has been placed due to alleged misuse of the drug by dairy farmers on milch cattle to stimulate milk production. [...]

Imaginary Fears around ‘COMCASA’

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USA has recently promoted India to the level of NATO allies in terms of trading partners so as to allow the sale of its high-tech defence products which are otherwise subject to strict licensing and control. It is done to prepare the grounds for the signing of Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA) which we are anticipating to be signed this September. What is COMCASA? It is a legal framework for the transfer of communication security equipment from the US to India that would facilitate ‘interoperability’ between their forces - and potentially with other militaries that use US-origin system for [...]

Swiss Challenge

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In India, the corporate bankruptcy cases are being held up due to skirmishes between bidders, therefore, the banks are now looking forward to use the Swiss Challenge route to decide on winning bidders. What is a ‘Swiss Challenge’? It is a method of bidding, mostly used in public projects, in which the interested party indicates a proposal for a contract or the bid for the project. Government puts the details of the project in the public domain and subsequently invites proposals from other interested parties to execute it. Upon receipt of the bids, the original contractor is invited to match [...]

Decriminalisation of Begging?

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Recently, the Indian Delhi High Court has struck down the Begging Act, 1959 passed by the State of Bombay and has continued to exist in as many as twenty states and two Union Territories. Provisions of Begging Act  It criminalises begging and gives power to the police to arrest individuals without a warrant. It gives the magistrate the power to commit them to a ‘certified institution’ i.e. actually a detention centre for up to three years on the commission of the first ‘offence’ and up to ten years upon the second ‘offence’. These certified institutions have absolute power over the [...]

Getting Rid of Cholera

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We need to go a long way before eliminating cholera completely at a global level. The vital components to accelerate the process of making the countries cholera-free include improving basic sanitation facilities, access to basic medical care and safe drinking water besides implementing the mass immunisation programmes. Facts related to cholera  World’s high-income countries have been cholera free from the last 150 years. But it is also a fact that around 47 countries still remain under the cholera threat. Risk of cholera  All the commonly available interventions to prevent and control cholera have been largely ineffective mainly due to scarcity of [...]

Increasing Labour Force Participation of Married women

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There is an increased focus on the gender inclusive economic development being pushed thought through the discourses related to equality between men and women and the realisation that empowerment of women would generate positive externalities. Global Gender Gap Report  India has slipped 21 places between 2016 and 2017 in the ‘Global Gender Gap Report’ published by the World Economic Forum. The point of discussion here is the decrease in India’s ranking on gender parity in labour force by four points to 139 from earlier 135 rank amongst the 144 countries. Statistics  As per the National Sample Survey, the working-age women [...]

Encouraging private sector participation in NHPM

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The government of India has announced a paradigm shifting health scheme i.e. Ayushman Bharat - National Health Protection Mission (AB-NHPM) which is the most extensive financial protection provider scheme to protect all the citizens against humongous healthcare expenditure. Details  The scheme aims to provide a benefit cover of over ₹5 lakh for more than 1,300 specified and non-specified medical and surgical procedures to more than 100 million families i.e. around 500 million people nationally. The sheer scale and size of the intended beneficiaries makes it the world’s biggest healthcare scheme ever. Private sector participation  Few of the private sector healthcare providers [...]

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