UNHCR Report on Kashmir

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United Nations Human Rights Council report on the human rights situation in Kashmir has been rejected and strongly condemned by India. India has termed the report as ‘fallacious, fabricated and motivated’ and confirmed that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral, inalienable and sovereign part of India. Analysis of the events On the same day, coward militants brutally killed a leading journalist and editor of ‘Rising Kashmir’, a Kashmiri daily. Therefore, the report also needs to answer on the ‘human rights’ of Shujaat Bukhari and other civilians who have been gunned down without any fault of theirs by the cross border [...]

Handling Water Crisis Before We Run Dry

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Shimla has been struggling with the water crisis which is an echo of Cape Town’s distress earlier this year. The city has run dry in the peak tourist season. The crisis is a reflection of a wider problem faced by India. Analysing the crisis To be clear, India has adequate freshwater but the problem lies in wasteful and inefficient use. Agriculture According to Central Water Commission in 2000, agriculture is consuming more than 85 percent of total freshwater. Unfortunately this high percentage is going to decrease by only 2 percent in 2025. Water usage in different crops such as paddy [...]

Promote Diversity in Smart Cities Project

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India is urbanising at the rate of 100 times that of the first country in the world to urbanise i.e. the UK. India has an agenda to build 100 smart cities as its urban population will reach 600 million by 2030 i.e. twice the size of the US. It is being hoped that India will urbanise in merely one-tenth of the time taken by the developed countries. Specialisation v/s diversity - Specialisation means extreme concentration of one industry in one location, while diversity looks at the whole picture for a district’s development purpose. It is advisable for a district to [...]

How to read the newspaper?

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Any serious aspirant preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination knows that newspapers are the prerequisite to start your preparation. An uninformed mind is the one that is devoid of opinions and we know that formation of any opinion require facts. Facts can be sourced through credible and reputed newspapers alone. Newspapers serve as a key to the world of facts and opinion making. Hence, consistency in reading the newspaper silently prepares you for the ultimate battle with your fellow competitors. But how to read it? Before you pick a newspaper in the morning, remember that you are preparing for [...]

Fostering the Electric-Vehicle Revolution

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Government of India is striving hard to completely phase out the petrol and diesel vehicles and transform the country into all-electric market by the year 2030. These ambitious targets are backed up by action plans as opposed to concrete policies. The industry is awaiting a comprehensive policy announcement on electric vehicles (EV) regarding availability of charging infrastructure, investment and guidelines for incentives and the role of state governments to support the launch of EVs. The shift to EV would help us to cut down on fuel bills, reduce emissions and reduce the escalating demand for road infrastructure and can help us [...]

A Triple Blow to Job Guarantee Scheme

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For the whole country, the total amount of wages pending under MGNREGA scheme stood at around Rs 11,000 crores for 2016-17. This is almost one-fifth of the budget announced for MGNREGA for 2018-19. Progressive aspects of MGNREGA It stands out for its worker-centric legislation and emphasis on transparency and accountability through several mechanisms. Several progressive steps such as real-time management information system has been put in place to ensure transparency in operations. Key provisions of MGNREGA It is meant to be a demand drive project as the government is mandated to provide work within 15 days of a worker registering for [...]

Tackling the Digital Threats to Indian Elections

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Karnataka elections has once again exposed the menace of fake news which has plagued the stream of our social media. What is the issue? Electoral dirty tricks and propaganda during elections have always been a part of our politics but with the expansion of social media the problem has expanded multiple times to put the whole electoral process at risk. Learning from global examples - United States has used ‘computational propaganda’ in Cuba and the West Asia for strategic gains in favour of favourable candidates or parties. Russians have developed a software for information warfare. Drug cartels in Mexico are suppressing [...]

Time to Revive Inter-State Council to Resolve Federal Disputes

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Apparently, India does not have ample institutions to manage conflicts between states. Since the run-up to Karnataka elections, the southern states are complaining that the terms of reference of the Fifteenth Finance Commission are discriminatory against better economic performance. Probably, a one-stop solution to this issue lies in reinvigorating the Inter-State Council. What is ‘Inter-State Council’? Inter-State Council is a constitutional body which possesses representatives from the Union Government as well as chief ministers of states (including UTs with Assemblies). It is chaired by the Prime Minister and it also has a few Union ministers as permanent invitees. It was set [...]

News Update : 16th November 2016

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News Update : 16th Day of November 2016 News update covers the essential news articles from various newspapers segregated according to various subjects falling under the realm of civil services preparations. The aspirants are advised to make their own notes for future reference (Point wise) Below are the topic wise important News for Today [accordion_wrapper] [accordion_content accordion_label="Economy"] Govt. expects Rs. 11 lakh crore from demonetisation Centre increases MSP for rabi crops Low inflation fuels rate cut hopes Currency swap and the reality distortion field Helping consumers win the telecom wars [/accordion_content] [accordion_content accordion_label="Polity & Governance"] SC refuses to stay demonetisation 10 get [...]

News Update : 15th November 2016

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News Update : 15th Day of November 2016 News update covers the essential news articles from various newspapers segregated according to various subjects falling under the realm of civil services preparations. The aspirants are advised to make their own notes for future reference (Point wise) Below are the topic wise important News for Today [accordion_wrapper] [accordion_content accordion_label="Economy"] When cash is not king Economists see ‘short-term pain, long-term gain’ Better regulation for a less-cash economy Improving India’s job creation ranking [/accordion_content] [accordion_content accordion_label="Polity & Governance"] Demonetisation and after [/accordion_content] [accordion_content accordion_label="International Relations & Security"] Azhar: Uri out of India’s proposal to U.N. The [...]

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