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Operation Clean Money | PIB Summary

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Operation Clean Money Will enable citizen engagement for creating a tax compliant society and transparent tax administration. Operation Clean Money Phase I: 18 lakh persons identified; More than 9.72 lakh taxpayers submitted online responses for 13.33 lakh accounts involving cash deposits of around Rs 2.89 lakh crore. 68 lakh new cases identified for the e-verification process. Introduction The Union Minister of Finance, Shri ArunJaitley, officially launched the Portal of Operation Clean Money (Click Here to read more) in New Delhi today. About Operation Clean Money The Operation Clean Money was initiated by the Income Tax Department (ITD) on the 31st January 2017 with the launch of [...]

Draft CAR on handling of unruly and disruptive passengers | PIB Summary

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The Minister for Civil Aviation Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju and MoS Shri Jayant Singh briefed media with regard to the handling of unruly passengers.  They informed that the Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) on “Handling of unruly/disruptive passengers” is being revised to enhance the safety and security of passengers, crew as well as airlines. Main features of the Draft CAR Three levels of unruly behaviours defined viz. Level 1 – disruptive behaviour, Level 2 – physically abusive behaviour and Level 3 – Life- threatening behaviour. The Airlines will maintain a database of such passengers which will form a National No-fly List of unruly/disruptive [...]

Ban on Beacon – Lal Batti | LSTV

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Recently, the NDA Government has done away with the beacon lights - Lal Batti for VIPs (from May 1st,2017). The Cabinet decision is in sync with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s view of abolishing the VIP culture of red beacon lights and sirens. Supreme Court in many occasions in the last 7 years has actively directed several governments to check this unnecessary practice. Lal Batti | What does the order say? Five categories of officials including the President, the Vice President, the Chief Justice of India, the Lok Sabha Speaker and the Prime Minister will also not be allowed to use red beacons [...]

Security Features – ECI-EVMs | PIB Summary

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VERY IMPORTANT for Prelims + GS 2 Governance, Polity + GS 4 Ethics In the recent past, there have been some queries in the minds of common people about the security features of Electronic Voting Machines - EVMs  of Election Commission of India (ECI). The Election Commission has, time and again, stated that ECI - EVMs and its systems are robust, secure and tamper-proof. What is meant by Tampering of EVM? Tampering means alteration in the software program written either on existing microchips of Control Unit (CU) or introducing malicious software program by inserting new microchips in CU and also making keys - [...]

E-Cinepramaan | PIB Summary

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E-Cinepramaan | VERY IMPORTANT Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Shri M Venkaiah Naidu has said that E-Cinepramaan - the Online Film Certification System of CBFC would facilitate the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of Ease of Doing Business and Digital India. The complete automation of the Film Certification Process would enable Good Governance making the entire process transparent and efficient. E-Cinepramaan | Objectives The objective is to eliminate the need for human interface to the extent possible. The new online certification system would be an important step in making the CBFC Office paper less and would enable effective monitoring & real time [...]

Buddha – Perspective on Good Governance

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Buddha has been considered to be mostly a philosopher and an ethical teacher and not preoccupied with political or state-related issues. But in contrast to that, many recent scholars have analysed (from the historical context of Buddha's life) that he was both a ‘social reformer’ and political philosopher. Ancient Indian society had begun to change when Buddha attained Enlightenment. Historically, that period was known as Vedanta (end of Vedas). During that time as the commerce with other states began, there came a new merchant class in the territory who expressed interest in Buddha’s teachings. Buddha challenged the divine origin concept from a very simple and acceptable viewpoint: i.e., that the Brahmins like [...]

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