(Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude - Theory)General Studies Paper 4
Question:- With its changing structure, the influence of family on the collective morality of the society is decreasing Elaborate. Answer in 250 words (15 marks)
May 27, 2022

Introduction: Write about the importance of family in shaping values of an individual and hence, values of society

Body Paragraph: Write in your own words about the changing dynamics of the role of family and its influence on collective morality of society. Write both positive and negative aspects.

Tip: Subjective questions can be answered better in paragraph format. Don’t forget to underline the keywords.

Conclusion: Add some examples of the new definitions of family and sum up on a positive note.



Family is regarded as a primary social institution – the basic unit of society. The family imparts in an individual the moral values of cooperation, harmony, sacrifice, equity, democracy and peace. Hence, it’s the basic building block of the collective morality of any society.



With the increasing urbanization and modernization, the structure of traditional joint families is changing and there is a rise in the number of nuclear families. This has stirred the traditional influence of the institution of family on society.  Here are some ways in which the collective morality has been affected:



  1. 1. Increase in geographically dispersed and fragmented nuclear families erodes the emotional bonding and socialization.
  2. 2. Dispersed families are exposed to diverse cultural and social values thus impacting collective traditions, ideas.
  3. 3. Socio-economic and physical stress of fast paced world result in lesser time for nurturing younger generation.
  4. 4. Increasing divorce and separation rates, domestic violence, inter-generational conflicts, social problems of drug abuse, juvenile delinquency etc.
  5. 5. Increasing influence of technology, internet, social media easily give space to diverse ideas, causing instantaneous emotional instabilities and chaos.
  6. 6. The scope of family as a concept has increased, today it is not restricted to a group of individuals with blood relations. Globalization backed by technology has made whole world as great one family- friends, neighbors, coworkers etc. Hence, the societies are becoming cohesive in newer ways.
  7. 7. Our solidarity and sensitivities are not limited to blood relatives, today they cut-across borders. E.g.: #BlackLivesMatter #MeToo emerged as global movements and shaped progressive collective morality of future.



Family is an evolving institution. Families are in a constant state of transition as each member moves through the cycles of life and the family itself moves from one stage of development to the next. This institution will continue to influence the collective morality of our societies. However, the influence will keep evolving and changing as the definition of ‘family’ changes!