(Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude - Theory)General Studies Paper 4
Question:- What does the following quotation mean to you? “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until and unless we obtain peace within ourselves.”-Dalai Lama. Answer in 150 words (10 marks)
Jun 15, 2022

Introduction: Define peace and explain the manifestation of inner peace in the outer world.

Body Paragraph: Go ahead and write the relationship between inner peace and the experience in outer world.

Conclusion: Emphasize on the importance of the given quote. Use another relatable quote if possible.



Peace is a stress-free state of security and calmness. The contemporary definition of peace relates to the feeling of happiness and contentment (write linkage points in the intro paragraph.) Peace can have its manifestations in the inner world – peace of mind ,heart and soul and, outer world – peace in family, society,
workplaces, countries etc.



1. Inner peace leads to better mental health amongst individuals – helps in improvement of relations with oneself and others. It is crucial for roles as parents at home, leaders in public life, employees at work etc.

2. Creates a balanced mindset regarding facing reality and helps developing patience. It helps promote religious harmony, which is the anti-dote to communalism.

3. Strengthens the character of individual which further helps in avoiding bad recurrent habits, destroying insecurities and unnecessary anxieties. When people are fulfilled within, incidents of crimes like rapes, thefts, domestic violence, corruption etc. are likely to be lower. Also, they are more cooperative in their roles.

4. All this combined helps in making the individual aware of his/her feelings and actions and thereby, empowering him/her to solve personal and professional problems more effectively. Hence, people act from a point of reason and all their actions are well informed . For e.g., people start to prefer cruelty free products rather than blindly falling for consumerism. Such people are proponents of environmental activism, animal rights, equality etc.

5. Not only this, an individual with inner peace acts as a beacon of light for others in distress and hence, improving the well being of others around him. Such people are able to clearly distinguish between right and wrong and
take a stand against the wrongdoings in their family, workplaces, and society as whole, hence, leading to greater peace!

The pace of our lives has increased manifold as compared to the previous centuries. Life, for most people now is the synonym of a competition/race where nobody has the time to stop. This has led to the loss of sense of happiness and calm. In a way, we are collectively chasing happiness but aren’t able to achieve it. This then reflects at the greater level in forms of genocide, crimes, military wars, international aggression etc. The concept of inner peace has been extensively talked about in all religious scriptures. The ancient teachings focus on the state of calm to attain happiness and contentment rather than chaos