General Studies Paper 2 (Governance)
Question:- The quasi-judicial bodies play a key role in the governance of the country. Elaborate this statement. Answer in 150 words (10 marks)
Jun 08, 2022

Start by defining quasi-judicial bodies. Enlist the various quasi-judicial bodies in India. Discuss their importance and role in the body paragraph. Use various events and Articles related to them (especially from Current Affairs). Conclude by writing about their increasing role.



A quasi-judicial body is an entity which has powers and procedures resembling those of a court of law or judge. It has the power of enforcement of law but is different from a court. The powers of quasi-judicial bodies are usually limited to a very specific area of expertise and authority, such as environment protection, land use and zoning, financial markets, employment law, public standards, and/or a specific set of regulations of an agency.



1. Low Cost and reach:  In the conventional judicial process, a large section of the population hesitate from approaching the Courts which defeats the purpose of justice. Quasi judicial bodies like tribunals on the other hand, have an overall low cost which encourages people to seek redressal for their grievances. E.g..- consumer courts at district, state and national level as quasi-judicial bodies for adjudication of consumer


2. Simplicity: Quasi-judicial bodies do not follow any lengthy or complex procedure for submitting application or evidence etc. In many of them, the party concerned can represent their own case without even involving a legal counsel. Also, laws of natural justice are followed by many of them.


3. Expert Knowledge: A tribunal comprises area experts, who can easily understand the technicalities of a case, the necessary actions involved and their consequences. E.g.: National and State Human Rights Commissions consist of people who have worked in the area of human rights.


4. Reduction of Workload: Our country has 2.81 crore pending cases in various courts. Tribunals while taking up specific matters, decrease the burden sharing the massive workload of the Judiciary.



Quasi-Judicial bodies were meant to reduce burden on judiciary but appeals can be made against the decision of these bodies in High court. Also some of these bodies are just recommendatory in nature with no real powers. Some of them have pending vacancies and are low on funds, hence, diluting the basic idea of justice.
Despite such odds, Quasi-judicial bodies are a great help to the nation and have substantially decreased the burden of the Judiciary. They also enable efficient governance of the country by addressing the core issues. Steps have to be taken to give them autonomy and real powers on par with Judiciary to make them more effective.