General Studies Paper 1 (Geography of India & World)
Question:- 74. What is triple dip La-Nina? Discuss the socio-economic impacts of this phenomenon. Answer in 150 words.
Sep 24, 2022



The periodic warming and cooling of surface waters in the equatorial Pacific Ocean — a phenomenon described as El Niño Southern Oscillations, or ENSO.  La Niña refers to the ENSO phase in which sea-surface temperatures are cooler than normal.

El Niño and La Niña episodes typically last for about nine months to a year.  Occasionally, however, they continue for much longer periods. In recent years, the El Niño of 2015-16, spread over 19 months, was one of the longest on record, and was dubbed ‘Godzilla’ due to its sustained high intensity.

The current La Niña episode has already surpassed that in length. Having started in September 2020, it has prevailed for the last 24 months, and looks set to continue for another six months, and has thus been classified as a ‘triple dip’ La Niña.



Impacts of triple dip La Niña

1. In most parts of the United States, for example, La Niña is associated with very dry winters. In Australia and Indonesia, and generally in the tropical region, La Niña is expected to bring more rainfall. The widespread drought in the United States and flooding in eastern Australia this year could have been a result of the prolonged La Niña.

2. The excessive rainfall in Pakistan, which is experiencing its worst flooding disaster, can also be blamed in part on La Niña.

3. the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) said the worsening drought in the Horn of Africa and southern United States carried the “hallmarks of La Niña”, as did the “above average rainfall in southeast Asia and Australasia”.

4. North Eastern Brazil, Colombia and other northern portions of South America may also notice increased rainfall while, in Uruguay and parts of Argentina, citizens contend with rain deficiency.

5. In the Indian context, La Nina is associated with good rainfall during the monsoon season.



Thus, Triple dip la nina is a rare event but has widespread impact varying from one nation to the another.