(Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude - Theory)General Studies Paper 4
Question:- 67. The crisis of ethical values in modern times is traced to a narrow perception of the good life. Discuss. Answer in 150 words.
Sep 16, 2022


‘Good life’ is a subjective term – something that should have different meanings for all individuals. However, factors like capitalism have rendered a common definition to it i.e. a life abounding in material comforts and luxuries. Since the resources available are limited, this perception of good life has turned the basic idea of life into a competition, many a times, to the detriment of ethical values – justice, honesty, empathy, compassion, respect and responsibility.



1. This trend has in the modern world has led to good life being equated with achievement of materialistic luxuries – ends are given more importance than means.

2.Possession of immense wealth; modern luxuries, etc. are the signs of a good life. The sole aim of life has become attainment of personal success, defined in terms as acquisition of money, power and prestige. Its guiding slogan is, ‘higher the quantity of consumption, better the quality of life’.

3.Problems for society As means are not given importance and ethical values are ignored, corruption, crony capitalism, scams, inequalities, crimes, consumerism, violence environmental damage etc. are rising which are leading to new forms of problems.

4.Intangibles are not valued – Various values like happiness, peace, contentment, mutual respect, etc. are seen as roadblocks and unnecessary diversions from the high road to material success. Many see good life as one which is risk free, secure, and luxurious and not one which is rich in values. Hence a narrow way of good life cannot sustain in the long-run.



1.Since a narrow way of good life cannot sustain in the long-run, there is need for the society in general to focus more on the broader aspects of values to lead a better quality life.

2.There is a pertinent need that the thinkers and governments of the modern nations should push for moral education and guidance, so that the crisis of values can be eliminated and we can have a better future.

3.Perhaps, we need to shift the definitions of  good life that we teach to our children i.e. from a life of competition to a life of service and constructive living

4.Health- mental+ physical, affection/love – purpose+ meaning

5.Role of education systems – generating self confidence + ethical values