General Studies Paper 2 (International Relations)
Question:- 66. SCO has emerged as the key regional organisation in the Eurasian space. In the light of this statement, discuss the opportunity for India to fulfil India’s national interests. Answer in 250 words.
Sep 15, 2022



Shanghai Cooperation Orgnisation (SCO) has emerged as a key regional organisation in the Eurasian space. It accounts for over 60% of Eurasia’s territory, more than 40% of the world’s population, and almost a quarter of the world’s GDP.


Opportunities for India:
1. 1.Connecting with central Asia: SCO provides an important forum for India to collaborate with Central Asia for various resources, connectivity interests.
2. 2.Regional Security: SCO will enable India, as an integral part of the Eurasian security grouping, to neutralise threats like religious extremism and terrorism in the region.
3. 3.India can constructively engage with Pakistan as well China via SCO
4. 4.India can ensure it’s energy security by engaging with rich areas of central asia and also with Russia.
5. 5.Bringing security to Afghanistan post American exit can be ensured via cooperation among countries via SCO
6. 6.Regional security can be ensured by using SCO’s RATS mechanism that can help to check terrorism, extremism and separatist tensions in the region.
7. 7.India can ensure a balance between various blocs after being a member of Quad amd indo pacific ecpnomic forum.



Thus, SCO provides multiple benefits but connectivity and bilateral issues of india with pakistan and China act as issues of concern. India needs to work on the issues to leverage the potential of the grouping effectively.