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Question:- 29. According to a recent data by Ministry of Home Affairs, over 3.9 lakh Indians gave up citizenship in past 3 yrs to settle abroad. What according to you are the reasons for increasing migration of people from India to other nations? Answer in 250 words.
Aug 02, 2022


The Ministry of Home Affairs recently declared that over 1.6 lakh Indians relinquished their Indian citizenship in 2021. The numbers marked a sharp increase in comparison to the previous years. In fact, a report released by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs estimates that India has the highest number of international migrants in the world. World Remittances Report has from time to time underlined that India receives the highest remittances because of its diaspora abroad.



1.Economic reasons:

-Unemployment after COVID pandemic in India has increased and hence, people are moving to new lands in search of jobs

-Higher education: People preferring foreign education or choosing to upskill for higher paying jobs

-More opportunities: Since there is a shortage of labor force in many countries, hence, the number of opportunities are more. Also, many high skilled people (researchers, engineers etc.) are paid more and have better avenues for professional growth abroad.

-Financial concerns including taxes: to set up businesses, to stay safe from the hands of Indian law etc.


2.Political reasons:

-Lack of dual citizenship in India- taking up the citizenship of another country automatically results in the cancellation of Indian citizenship

-Criminalization of politics and hence, criminalisation of legislatures: This erodes people’s faith in the state and they prefer to move to other countries

-Growing religious intolerance: general dissatisfaction and insecurity with the environment


3.Social reasons:

-Growing rate of crime- Safety of women and children

-Lifestyle factors like climate and pollution- The AQI of many big cities in India is beyond the safe limit, hence, causing health issues. Also, the rising temperatures, disasters, crowding etc. act as the push factors for migration

-Better healthcare for families and educational opportunities for children: Health infrastructure has loopholes in many places in India. Also, modern education is becoming more and more unaffordable.

-Better social security: Pension benefits, unemployment allowances, health insurance etc.

-Search for a better life: peer pressure, or just the hope for a better, easier life abroad


4.Personal reasons:

-Marriage, kinship: One of the biggest factors for migration

-Old people moving to reunite with their children and giving up on their citizenship