Live Sessions for UPSC and State Civil Services

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RMISG will be conducting Various Live Sessions for the UPSC and State Civil Services Aspirants. The Previous Live lectures may be seen below or on You Tube.

Now you can register for Live Classes to be viewed from your PC. For More information on this call : 8283837389

Recordings of the previous Live Sessions

Do’s and Don’ts of UPSC Preparation

UPSC – Economic Survey

UPSC – Legislative Business of Parliament

 UPSC – International Relations 

PCS Mains – Punjab Section

PPSC Mains examinations are due on 5th March. Because for the high demand for the Punjab Specific portion for this exam we will be telecasting Live from our classroom the full section for Punjab for PPSC Examination. To watch this class just click the below link at 09:00 Am on the 4th day of February, 2016.

Students are advised to make their notes along-with the lecture for future reference.

For More information on Live Classes email us at :

Induction to UPSC 2016

Day 01 : Induction to UPSC 2016

Day 02 : UPSC Induction 2016

Day 03 : UPSC Induction 2016

Security Lectures For UPSC

Day 01 : 7 Axis of Internal Security 

To read the book Raj Sir talked about in the above video : Click Here

Day 02 : Thread by Thread Analysis of Internal Security

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