Raj IAS Coaching Ludhiana Branch

IAS Coaching Ludhiana is the branch office of Raj Malhotra’s IAS Study Group, Chandigarh. It was opened with a vision to provide the accurate picture of the civil services as it has stood through in every phase of change.

Mr. Tarun Sukhija (Director Ludhiana IAS Coaching) has done Bachelor’s in Technology (ECE) and Master’s in Business Administration. He has a huge experience of mentoring students and assisting them to achieve success in their field of study. His love for the city and passion for mentoring led him to open IAS Coaching Ludhiana Branch. His core belief in honest and dedicated educational values are the diving fore behind his running the IAS Academy.

Technology used by IAS Coaching Ludhiana

With technology it has now become possible for the students of Ludhiana to get mentored by the best teachers across India. Nothing matches with the idea of getting the exposure of interacting with other students from other cities or states. With the technology which is being used by Raj Malhotra’s IAS Study Center Ludhiana, it has now become a daily routine for the aspirants of the coaching centre to interact with other students across the state and country.

Many students are unable to achieve their dreams either because of lack of good counselling or due to the lack of resources. Tarun Sukhija being an “educational counselor and a mentor” has vast experience in counselling and believes that IAS preparation needs dedication and extreme focus so that aspirants do not get distracted in terms of time, resources, motivation and self-doubt. Coupled with his energetic persona and being a perpetual student, many aspirants of Civil Services have been able to now get the best of education from the most renowned teachers like Mr. Raj Malhotra (with over 14 years of experience) and Mr. Jagpal Dhanoa (UPSC topper in Preliminary and Optional Subjects).

Through its collaborative focus and student-centric approach, IAS coaching Ludhiana advocates for students and supports them in developing their individual strengths and negotiating the challenges they encounter in realizing their potential and provides the aspirants of Civil Services with proper guidance, regular courses and other facilities for them to perform to the best of their capabilities.

Within a short span of time many students have achieved success in their respective fields. Very shortly IAS Coaching Ludhiana will be launching a revolutionary course for the students of First year of Graduation. The UPSC course now has been divided into 3 years of preparation instead of one. This will give the aspirants ample time for preparation for the most prestigious examination in the country.

Contact Raj IAS Coaching Ludhiana Branch
Name :  Tarun Sukhija 
Phone : +91-80548-79255
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